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Every business has different marketing needs. So, what are you looking for? AI online chat options? An SEO analytics? Page indexing help? A boost in web page rankings? Whatever it is, personalizing your online marketing goals isn’t a problem when you work with the team at FutureNow.

Browse our marketing package options to see what would best suit your marketing management needs. Anything you need help with, be it Google reviews, social media management, local and organic SEO, or something else, we’re ready and eager to take it on.

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Our Plans


Is your website solid, but you need some additional support to boost sales and optimize your search trajectory? This package will give your business that extra rocket fuel you’re seeking.


  • Genni w/ FNM support
  • M.O.S.T. (2 users)


Dealing with an outdated website that seems lost in space? This package will bring your online presence back from the outer reaches of the galaxy and into the cutting-edge universe of modern web design.


  • Platinum Website Design
  • Genni w/ FNM support
  • M.O.S.T. (2 users)


Ready to see your business skyrocket? This is the package for you. We’ll amp up your website, giving it the fuel it needs to turbocharge past the competition and dominate your sector.


  • Platinum Website Design
  • Genni w/ FN support
  • M.O.S.T. (2 users)
  • Marketing Evaluation
  • Digital Marketing Package


What Is Genni?

Think of Genni as your super intelligent, ever-learning-and-evolving business assistant. It can chat with customers visiting your site, serve as a sales associate, and even help create content about the work you’re doing.

What Are Some Key Components of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy?<br />
Clear Goals & Objectives

Enjoy the following features with Genni:

Customized AI Chat

Most hear the word “chatbot” and want to run…but Genni isn’t your average AI bot. It engages in personalized conversations with customers, addressing their needs in a human-like manner and getting you those valuable leads.

Information Gathering

Genni gathers and synthesizes data from various sources, such as your website, the web, and previous customer conversations, to provide tailored responses and insights for those posting inquiries on your website.

Content Creation

While you’re on the job, you can feed Genni photos, videos, and voice notes as you complete a project. Genni will then take the information you gave it and transform it into a blog or case study to showcase your company’s great skill sets.

Automation Integration

Looking for automation options? We’ve already built all of the automations in on the back end, so Genni can work seamlessly to integrate features that benefit your business.


What Is M.O.S.T.?

M.O.S.T. stands for Marketing Operating System Today, and its goal is to provide comprehensive marketing solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses. With this tool, you’ll be able to easily and effectively streamline operations, automate workflows, and ensure your customers stay happy and satisfied.

What Are Some Key Components of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy?<br />
Clear Goals & Objectives

How can M.O.S.T. features transform your business?

Email & Celebratory Campaigns

Automate your email to follow up with potential customers and help manage your sales process. You can also automate personalized birthday/anniversary messages for existing customers.

Referral Program

Looking to incentivize satisfied customers to refer friends and family? M.O.S.T. can help with that.


Streamline your billing process with integrated payment gateways, invoice creation, and automated payment reminders.

Unified Communication

Ever missed out on a lead because you didn’t get the message? Consolidate all customer communication into a single platform, so you always get notified, no matter how you’re contacted.

Automation & Workflows

Time is money! Automate repetitive tasks and create custom funnels to optimize business operations and create more efficiency – and save a lot of time – in your workspaces.

Appointment Scheduling

Streamline your calendar to schedule and manage your appointments.

Review Monitoring

M.O.S.T. can help with monitoring and responding to customer reviews, as well as provide automated review reminders, responses, and tracking to build your online reputation.


Platinum Website Design

Our platinum website designs are built to work for both traditional, organic searches and AI-powered searches. We’re in a world where AI is quickly evolving…but that human touch is still valued and needed! Finding the perfect balance between the two is a must – and that’s just what this design package provides.

What’s the difference between AI search and organic search?

AI search and organic search both share one fundamental purpose – retrieving relevant information based on user queries. They just utilize different methods to achieve this…and targeting to both is essential for getting your website the reach it needs to succeed.

What Are Some Key Components of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy?<br />
Clear Goals & Objectives

The Benefits of Platinum Web Design

AI Search


  • AI search is designed to answer question-based searches, focusing more on the meaning of words and the context of the query…rather than just keyword matching.
  • AI utilizes advanced algorithms, machine learning, and natural language processing techniques to understand user queries and deliver highly relevant results.
  • AI search can learn and personalize search results based on user preferences, providing a more tailored experience overall.
  • Examples of AI-powered search include virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and ChatGPT – systems that provide tailored responses based on user input.

Organic Search


  • Organic search focuses on relevant keywords, relying on the content and popularity of web pages, rather than user-specific data.
  • Organic search results are not personalized to individuals and are generally the same for all users querying the same keywords.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a significant role in organic search, so website content and structure greatly influence how well a page ranks in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Examples of organic search are traditional platforms like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, where results are based on keyword relevance, page authority, and other factors determined by search engine algorithms.


What Tools Do We Use To Power Your Business?

Hyper Fast Websites

In today’s world, people want fast results…which means it’s more important than ever to optimize your website for speed, delivering answers to users quickly and efficiently. Fast websites improve user experience, reduce bounce rates, and improve your search engine rankings.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses a lot – social media marketing, search engine optimization, email campaigns, creating valuable content, using analytics tools to track and measure the performance, and more. Using the appropriate combination of these tools, as well as personalizing them to your business needs, is imperative.

What Are Some Key Components of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy?<br />
Clear Goals & Objectives

Shoot for the Stars

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