How Can Genni Help Your Website?

Stop Missing Leads

How Genni, Your Website Assistant, Improves Conversions

Think of Genni as your website’s personal super-smart-and-helpful assistant. She checks all the boxes: chats with customers, books appointments, creates informative content, and boosts sales.

See a Demo of How Genni Can Work on Your Site!

What Are Some Key Components of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy?<br />
Clear Goals & Objectives

How It Works

How Genni Works

Have You Been Missing Opportunities?

Genni Interacts With Customers

Did you know 47% of small businesses are leaving calls unanswered? In fact, home service businesses miss about 27% of inbound calls – that’s a huge revenue opportunity missed that Genni can tackle for you.

Genni Books Appointments

It’s been shown that 46% of consumers want to book their appointment online or in an app. Are you losing customers because your online booking process is slow, cumbersome, or nonexistent?

Genni Creates New and Interesting Content

If your website doesn’t present engaging info tailored to your potential clients, you could lose them to a competing company with better content. Don’t worry, Genni can cover this too.

Genni Eases Your Employees’ Burdens

Keeping up with the flow and pipeline of booking and systems, customer contacts, and day-to-day operations can be overwhelming. Let Genni take on some of the load.

This is modern sales and content. This is Genni.


Getting Started With Genni

It’s Easy!

Take a Sneak Peek with Our Interactive Demo.

First up, dive into Genni’s world with an online demo. It’s a quick tour showing how Genni fits right into your website – and makes things more fun and efficient for your customers.

Get Personal With a Setup Call

Questions? Or are you ready to roll? Schedule a chat with our Genni pros. They’ll help you set up your Genni account, so it’s just right for your business needs.

Launch Your New Digital Sales Assistant.

Once you’re all set up, it’s showtime! Turn on Genni, and watch the magic happen. You’ll start seeing more bookings, sales, and content, and your customers will love the new, smooth experience.

Train Your Team with Ease

Genni’s not just smart…it’s also a great team player. Train your staff directly in the app – they’ll learn how to make the most of Genni (like snapping photos and dictating audio notes for new, automated content).

See Genni On Your Site Now! (Interactive Demo)

Why It

Your Customers Will Love Genni Too!

We get it. Adding a bot to your site might ring some alarm bells. Will you lose that personal touch? Will you customers dislike it? Does Genni “sound” human or will it just cause more frustration?

What Are Some Key Components of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy?<br />
Clear Goals & Objectives

We guarantee your customers will love Genni just as much as you will.
Here’s why:

Instant Help = Happy Customers

Genni pops up right as a person enters your site, answers questions in a jiffy, and makes sure visitors feel connected right away. The result? More people stick around, love your site, and book appointments!

Streamlined Booking Process

Genni makes booking online a breeze. It’s friendly, easy to use, and customers can book whenever they want (even after hours). This means more bookings for you…and fewer headaches for everyone!

Personalized Interactions

Genni is smart – like, really smart. It uses the newest tech to figure out what your customers are after and then shows them exactly that. No more endless searching…just straight to what they need.

Your Mini 24/7 Sales Team

Genni is always at the front lines of your business. By collecting info from your team, it crafts engaging stories, like case studies with images, blogs, and social posts. Genni even shares live reviews during chats, becoming your go-to sales assistant – and making sure customers are getting all questions answered.

See Genni On Your Site Now! (Interactive Demo)

What Are Some Key Components of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy?<br />
Clear Goals & Objectives

Genni: The AI Sales Assistant Your Business Can’t Afford to Ignore

You want to be the company that comes to mind when someone needs a home service. If you feel like you’re always playing catch up and not where you want to be with your business, Genni might be just what you need to boost ahead of your competitors.

Don’t risk falling behind in the fast-paced world of digital marketing – or losing your customers to businesses who are already utilizing modern sales tools, like Genni. Instead, imagine a world where those stresses are a thing of the past. That’s the world Genni creates for you.

Ready to join the Genni revolution and level up your business? Check out our demo, experience Genni live on your site, and watch as your business transforms from a customer sterner to a customer magnet. Reach out now for details.